Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall break... vacation time and back to school

Boy were we ready for fall break.  Boyd needed a break from all the anxiety he endures going to school.  We went to the lake for a few days with family.  Boyd had such a great time.  That boy of mine absolutely LOVES fishing.  He also LOVES playing games.  He had an endless supply of people to take him fishing or to play games with him.  Let me tell you, the break was nice.  I didn't have to continually try to find a way to keep him occupied.  We are blessed that he has a family that for the most part understands his quirks and try to help him deal with whatever has him anxious.  Of course he is absolutely obsessed with learning everything he can about bass fishing now.

When he got back to school, we found out he made PEAK with some of the highest scores to come out of that school.  He gets pulled out at least once a week and they do something stimulating.  Last week, they did a debate.  If anyone can argue to the point that you just give up and say, yeah you are absolutely right, it is my son :) 

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