Thursday, September 20, 2012

first day back, about time!

Today was Boyd's first day back after being sick.  It was a morning just like any other.. full of kicking, screaming and yelling.  Today he pulled Ms. Sandy down off her feet.  How do you say sorry my kid is out of control and hurt you?  I feel awful.

On the up side, I just got a call that they are ready to write up his IEP on Wednesday.  I hope they have a good plan. 

I so wish that life was easier for him.  How unfair is it to have to go through life never feeling calm and settled.

I am almost to a point that it's time to find him a different dr and take him off everything and find a new combination because what we are doing isn't helping.  I'm tired of the phone call or comments about how he wasn't like this last year, laced with accusation that I must have done something to him over the summer.

Sometimes I want to pull out my inner 5 year old, stick my tongue out at everyone and blow raspberries.

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