Friday, September 28, 2012

He's a freakin genius... parent teacher conferences

Over and over again the teacher told us how smart Boyd is.  Like really smart.  It was a great conference.  I love that his teacher hasn't labeled him as trouble and decided to write him off.  She seems to "get" him and his quirks.  She understands that he says whatever is on  his mind without a filter.  She told us he does same some socially inappropriate things, such as threatening to kick some kids butt at recess.  Instead of getting on to Boyd and sending him to the office she talked to the other kid and said, what do you see Boyd doing at recess?  His answer, running around swinging his arms, laughing and chasing people.  The teacher asked him if he really thought Boyd would kick his butt,  he said no.  There was just a little "Boyd you don't say that kind of stuff, ok" and it was over.  She just gets him and knows how to deal with him.  She hasn't yet heard how he did on his PEAK testing, we are all curious.  She said she knows he is smart enough, she is just not quite sure if he can focus long enough to do well on the written test to get in. 

On a side note, Reilly figured out how to get his clothes off, so I guess that Friday is naked time at the Robertson abode... woot!


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