Thursday, September 20, 2012

How we go to school and the first phone call....

Going to school hasn't gotten easier.  Every day I drive him to school.  I have to open his door and physically pull him out of the car.  He grabs onto columns, doors, whatever he can get his hands on.  I have to hold his hands and walk him into the office.  Our procedure from there has changed a few times.  They found Boyd a safe person who he can go to when he needs a break.  He is a math flex teacher.  Boyd loves him.  They talk about numbers, which is Boyd's "thing".  At first this is who came to the office to get him (while he kicks and screams and grabs onto things).  After a while, Boyd stopped feeling like he was his safe person so back to the drawing board.  As of now, the attendance secretary takes over.  Some days he yells how much he hates me, calls me a bad mommy.  Every morning we go into school and have these ladies with their perfectly functional kids going happily into school giving me the side eye like what is wrong with her.  She must be a horrible mother.  I leave the school in tears thinking they must be right.  Sometimes I get angry.  I am overwhelmed and so in over my head.  I just need a break.

The first phone call....

"Mrs. Robertson, I'd like to talk to you about Boyd." ahh crap!  Apparently, Boyd was being rude, uncooperative, combative and when the PE teacher told him it was time to call mom and let me know what was going on, he walked away and went to lunch.  I'm doing all I can!  What am I supposed to do?

first call, definitely not the last.

We have been messing with his meds.  We changed his anxiety meds.  He was taking prozac, then buspar, now we have moved on to Zoloft.  It seems to be helping.  He will sleep in his room 70% of the time and goes to the bathroom alone during the day and occasionally in the evening. 

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