Thursday, September 27, 2012

The tunnel to school is long, but I think I may see a light...

The last 2 days have been... AWESOME!  Tuesday night was rough.  Boyd didn't eat all of his dinner and was having a meltdown about being hungry at bedtime.  It ended with him ordering me to make him a big breakfast.  Uh huh, sure.  That's how it works.  Wednesday morning I made him his normal breakfast and he grumbled a little bit and told me he was going to eat breakfast at school, then.  We took him to school and after some discussion about how it would go and we decided that, if he promised not to make a scene or yell and grab things when I had to leave, I would walk him to the cafeteria.  We got to the cafeteria and he looked a little tentative but I guess his need for food overruled when I told him I couldn't go in with him and he had to go by himself.  He just walked in and ate breakfast.  I was so happy and proud!  I went to the office and we had a little celebration dance.  We were all so happy and proud.  These poor ladies in the office are the ones who have to "deal" with him every morning.  I was left hoping that maybe things are getting better, maybe his meds are finally starting to work, but completely realistic that it was probably just a fluke by an aspy on a mission for breakfast.

Fast forward to this morning.  Tonight are parent teacher conferences and the family night at the book fair.  Boyd wasn't hungry so we had to find a new "motivation".  We told him if he went to school "yesterday style" and didn't throw a fit he would have more money to spend at the book fair. (Don't tell me you never bribe your kids)......


He talked to me about Pokemon (his new obsession) the whole way to school and all the way into the building.  He went into the office, no fighting.  Told Ms. Sandy he was ready to go in his spot (an office supply type room where he waits for the bell).  She told him to check and see if the door was unlocked.  It was, so he smiled at me and waved goodbye, then just walked in and sit down.  Nobody had to fight him.  Just writing about it brings tears of happiness to my eyes.  It's hard to not get my hopes up that it is going to start being easier.  I am so proud of him!  He was nervous, anxious, but he fought through it and did it!

On another note... our IEP for wednesday was rescheduled to Monday.  The school psychologist did say that he woud qualify first for his hearing impairment because sensory impairments always come first.  She also said his IQ and intelligence testing was through the roof (she wouldn't give me numbers or anything until the meeting).  She had them test him for PEAK and is pretty sure he will be in that.  PEAK is like an honors club, I don't know much about it right now, they are going to fill me in later. 

Tonight are our conferences with the teacher.... I'm sure I will have more to write tomorrow.

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